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It is MAF's goal to reach out to the many that have not been reached by the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We would like to challenge you to pro-actively think how to reach out to these people. If transport is one of the practical problems that needs to be overcome, we ask you to contact us to discuss how we can help each other. In that way we can plan things together. We are determined that the remoteness of an area should not be the reason that the unreached are not evangelised.
MAF recognises that flying by its nature is an expensive means of transport. For these two reasons, MAF offers the opportunity of working together in special projects, whereby the flying is heavily subsidised. We have called these projects Partnership Agreements. They are particularly applicable in situations where there is an obvious need for our service, but the partner organisation or church cannot afford the service. The amount of subsidy given by MAF depends on the financial capacity of the partner.

We want to show Gods love to people in spiritual and physical needs. And to make our service available to you in order to make your ministry more effective. Please contact us so that we together, with Gods help, can make that vision happen.
 Partnership Agreement


If you are interested in  working in a partnership with MAF and want to find out out more about it then please contact us to discuss the possibilities:


 Our Partner - Far Reaching Ministries


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