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MAF Uganda offers charter flights to churches, mission organisations and NGOs to any of the serviceable airfields in Uganda as well to Southern Sudan.

If you require a one night stop return charter, MAF may be able to allow the pilot to stay with you so that you can in effect halve your charter costs. In special circumstances MAF might be able to assist you with even longer trips. This depends on several variables, please contact our Kajjansi office to find out whether we can assist you.

With our four Cessna Caravans shipping freight becomes more and more attractive. With a maximum payload of 1000kg the Caravan is capable of handling bulk freight even in awkward forms and shapes.

Our Cessna 206 gives us the flexibility to cater for the needs of smaller groups of up to 5 passengers.

The cost for a charter flight is calculated on a per kilometer rate flown plus landing and navigation fees and departure tax for each passenger.


 Charter Aircraft

C206 - Up to 5 passengers or 550 kg of freight

C208 - Caravan - Up to 12 passengers or 1000 kg of freight


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If you would like to receive a quote for a flight request, please use the following link to fill in an online form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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