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Terms and Conditions


Revised 21-Dec-2017

  1. Estimated check-in times are on your e-ticket. Please note that these times are subject to change. Passengers can confirm their check-in time after 4 p.m. on the day before their flight by calling our office at: +256 (0)312 FLY MAF, that`s + 256 (0) 312 359 623. In order to help us strive for consistent on-time departures, and in consideration of the rest of the waiting passengers, any passengers who arrives after check-in closes will be cancelled, and should not expect a refund.

    Typical check-in times (*) for our shuttle flights are:
    Shuttle To / From Check-in Location Check-in OPENS Check-in CLOSES
    South Sudan Kajjansi 06.00 am 06.30 am
    Northern Uganda Kajjansi 07.00 am 07.30 am
    DRC - Bunia Entebbe
    08.30 am
    09.00 am
    09.00 am
    09.45 am

    Please note that we cannot accept passengers after the check-in closes, as this will delay our flights.

    (*) times are subject to change. Please check your e-ticket, or call our office for the actual check-in times.

  2. Passengers boarding flights at upcountry airfields should obtain an updated estimated time of arrival (‘ETA’) on the day of the flight. Updated estimates are available soon after 7:30 a.m. for South Sudan shuttles, or soon after 8:30 a.m. for Uganda shuttles by calling our office at: (0)312 FLY MAF, that`s + 256 (0) 312 359 623)

    When booking with us passengers should provide a local telephone number, where they can be reached in case of any change to the flight.

  3. At all main airfields please make sure you leave enough time for the check-in procedures. Passengers must be at the meeting point / Check-in, at the agreed time or they will be considered “No shows” and the flight will leave without them. The planes will not wait beyond departure times. See details below for cancellations.

  4. Passengers are responsible to come with appropriate documentation for international travel and those passengers who do not carry necessary documentation will not be able to fly due to international regulations. For all international destinations passengers are required to obtain the appropriate international travel documentation. (Note: Documentation includes appropriate Visa’s, Vaccination records (for Yellow Fever, etc…), and any other applicable documents as required by the destination country.) Flights to Bunia (and other D.R.Congo destinations) require a Visa to be purchased from the passengers home country of residence before travelling. South Sudan Visa’s must be purchased in advance as well.

  5. Passenger(s) must be members of staff/close family members of people who work for Missions, Churches and NGO’s to comply with our operating license. A valid personal identity card or approval letter from the Mission/Church/agency should be carried by the passenger and produced when asked for.

  6. We ask that staff making flight bookings for members of their agency ensure the intended passengers are given a copy of this information.

  7. LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE in Kilograms

  8. To / From Included in fare Booked Excess Unbooked Excess
    Uganda 15 kg $2 per kg $4 per kg
    South Sudan 20 kg $2 per kg $4 per kg
    DRC - Bunia 20 kg $1.50 per kg $3 per kg
    Other locations 15 kg $2 per kg $4 per kg

    Included in your fare is the total for your hand luggage and checked-in luggage. Booked excess at $2 per Kilo will be catered for on the flight. Unbooked excess baggage can be carried at $4 per kilo, subject to availability of space.

    We encourage you to book excess luggage for your flight out of consideration for other passengers. It takes time to deal with unbooked excess luggage and this can delay flights, especially if you have to sort out what has to be left behind. This causes inconvenience for you and other passengers. The allowance limit is set so we can make best use of the aircraft and keep the fares as low as possible – an extra 10kgs for each of 9 passengers stops another passenger travelling. We thank you for your assistance in this.

  9. Freight can be carried up to 50kgs – charged at $2 per kilo for standby freight and $4 per kilo for priority freight if booked on a particular flight. Please talk to us about freight above 50kgs and bulky items so we can help make the right arrangement for you.

  10. Baggage or Freight must be clearly labelled with the passenger or organization's name, destination and contact telephone number.

  11. Mail pouches and small parcels are carried free of charge at your own risk, however this is subject to availability of space.

  12. Banned, restricted and dangerous goods are articles or substances that can pose a risk to health, or the safety of aircraft, unless special precautions are taken. If you wish to carry or transport any such goods, you should be aware of the regulations and the precautions you need to take for safe air transport. If you are in any doubt, please contact us for advice before booking. We will refuse to transport any items that may cause danger.

  13. MAF will take care of your property, but will not be liable for any loss or damage to any cargo, excess baggage or mail during storage, loading and / or transportation.

  14. Bookings should be made in writing by the Mission/Church/agency (NGO) and correct body weights must be given at the time of the booking. Passenger(s) with incorrect bodyweight may be left behind on the day of the flight. Upcountry radio / telephone bookings should be confirmed by the agency's Head Office.

  15. We will do all we can to assist with your bookings. Confirmation of a reservation shall be in writing (electronic will be the standard) and once MAF receives a confirmed request the customer is responsible for prompt payment. If payment is not made or agreed to prior to a flight MAF reserves the right to sell the seat to another passenger. Organizations or passengers with credit accounts with MAF will be considered to have “agreed” to payment before a flight.

  16. Cancellations should be done in writing, indicating the date and name of the person making the cancellation.

  17. Bookings cancelled within two working days before the planned flight departure date, will be charged 50% of the invoice total, unless the seat(s) is sold to someone else.

  18. Cancellations made within one working day before the planned flight departure date and "No-shows" will forfeit 100% of the invoice total, unless the seat(s) is sold to someone else.